About “Days with Shaylin”

“Days with Shaylin” is an interactive fiction game about the experiences of an autistic girl. The game contains four stories that can be played through.

The link to play it online or download it is below (it’s not functional on mobile devices):


And the Interactive Fiction Database page for it is linked below:


This game was developed as my grade twelve Capstone project. I knew right away I wanted to create an interactive fiction game for it, but figuring out the subject matter was difficult. I knew I could create something meaningful to myself and others if I kept thinking.

It wasn’t long before I realized I could put all the research I’d recently been doing to use in the project. While I was planning for the project I learned that I’m autistic and as a result I was doing a lot of research, like maybe an excessive amount. I was also remembering all these experiences I had when I was younger that I never really thought much of.

That being said, this game is fictional, as are all the characters. It takes inspiration from my experiences (sometimes quite heavily) as well as the experiences of others but that’s all.

If you wish to read more about those who helped me or the process to create this game the other pages on this site provide more information.

Below are screenshots of the game, which was made with Twine:

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